is an “International Business Educational Course” that aims to educate business owners and veterans about how to be successful and how to sell their business for a profit.


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There comes a time in your now existing business life, and/or you have a new start-up business idea. And if so, where will you go to learn the art of small business education, and to be successful? We, at American Standard Businesses, LLC. are now offering our “Online Business Course” with in-depth small business education, with more than 50 years of small business experience. Our unique online learning center comes in the form of my “International Educational Q&A Business Game” that is fun to play and can be played as an international question, and answer competition between national, and international business opponents.

Before you begin playing this great educational Q&A Game,
please open the manual and read all the pages to better assist you in any entrepreneurship venture, and does offer the best 100 page guide to small business educational training, and success.